Our Process

Our Process 

First Appointment

You can call our Office at 717-509-6060 or click the "Appointment" button on our website to schedule your initial appointment. Normally we are about two weeks out for our fact-finding appointments.

The purpose of your first appointment is to gain insight on you and your life goals.  

For your first appointment, it is important to bring in all of your financial documents, such as quarterly statements for your current investments, 401K plans, bank account information, brokerage account, life insurance, long term care, and tax return. This will be collected when you check in and copies will be made and originals will be given back. Don’t stress over this. Call if you have questions!

Second Appointment

The purpose of your second appointment is to take everything we have learned and show you the guardrails we built so you can obtain your life goals.  

Prior to your second appointment, our Client Care and Operations Specialist may need to call/e-mail you for additional documentation and information. You also will be asked to take a risk profile questionnaire called TIFIN. 

The TIFIN questionnaire will be e-mailed individually to all parties attending the meeting.

At the conclusion of your second appointment, you will leave Rowley Financial with a proposal that outlines our relationship, transparent costs to manage your assets, and an annual plan on how we will make course corrections to keep you on track.