Know Your Risk Tolerance

When it comes to risk tolerance questionnaires, it’s time to look at

facts over feelings


Find Your Risk Tolerance Now



Too often, clients make investment decisions based on their feelings about risk or inaccurate risk assessments instead of how much risk they can take given their current life situation. At Rowley Financial we utilize Totum's Risk Scoring technology powered by advanced AI and machine learning algorithms to accuratly and confidently approuch risk with clients. 

Totum helps advisors gain a more complete view of a client’s risk profile by comparing 3 risk scores:

  • Risk Capacity - How much risk the investor can or cannot take given their current life situation – ability to take risk
  • Risk Preference- How much risk the investor is willing to take
  • Portfolio Risk - A calculation of an investment portfolio’s exposure to potential risk



Totum calculates the scores on its risk band using factual data:

  • Financial Data - Annual Income, Assets To Invest, Expenses
  • Time-Based Data - Age, Investment Time Horizon
  • Household Data - Household Size, Zip Code Based Cost of Living
  • Human Capital Data - Household Health Risk, Consistency of Earnings, Stability of Employment Industry